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An endodontist has received extensive and specialized training in order to diagnose and treat issues pertaining to the root canal and the internal structures of a tooth. If a tooth is infected or you’re experiencing a toothache then you’ll want to turn to an endodontist for treatment.

In order to become endodontists, our dentists have had to complete an additional two or three years of schooling after finishing dental school. This specialized training guarantees that an endodontist knows how to detect and treat diseases that affect the dental pulp and inside of the tooth.

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An endodontist most commonly performs root canal therapy, a procedure in which we will need to enter the tooth to remove the diseased or inflamed dental pulp and disinfect any bacteria that are present in the root canals. A simple root canal treatment saves a tooth and prevents the need for an extraction in the near future. This procedure also removes the source of the pain, which can be a major benefit for anyone suffering from a toothache.

The most common reason someone may visit an endodontist is if they are dealing with a toothache. While not all teeth that require a root canal will present with symptoms, once the dental pulp has become inflamed or infected it is common for it to cause a pretty severe and persistent toothache. You may also notice that the pain gets worse when chewing or biting down on the tooth.

The tooth may also develop lingering sensitivity to hot or cold foods or drinks. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms it’s important that you see an endodontist right away for treatment. If left untreated, the bacteria could completely damage the tooth and spread to the jawbone and surrounding teeth.

If you are dealing with dental pain it’s important that you seek treatment from a qualified endodontist who can provide you with the care you deserve. Call Endodontic Associates of Greater Waterbury at (203) 757-1287, and schedule an appointment with us today.

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